Modern Warfare 2 XBox 360 League

This month we are looking to gain as many people as possible into a League for Modern Warfare 2.

For the moment, we are just looking for people to put their names down who wish to be included in this league, and when enough people have registered, we will then begin to structure the tournament.

We are looking for 20 candidates to partake in this League.

The rules break down like this;

– Each team is subject to six members. 4 player being allowed to play in matches, and 2 “substitutes”.
– Each team assigns themselves a “Home” map (bearing in mind, if there is a majority in one map being picked for several teams, then you will re-select).
– The league will play out like a football league, with each team playing  “Home” and “Away” matches.
– Both teams must submit their line ups no later than five minutes before the match, to the adjudicator.
– The “Home” team can decide to drop one player from the “Away” team’s line up, in replacement for a substitute.
– The fixtures will be generated randomly, and each team will play 38 matches a season.
– Results must be posted from both teams, assuring authenticity. (Photos and Videos where available)
– The Tournament will have prizes for the top 3 teams.
– In the event that more people join wishing to participate, the bottom 3 teams will be relegated, and a newer league will be created.

If you are interested, please email with your Name, Age, Location and Gamertag.

Thank You.